Crafting Effective Board of Directors Minutes

Making effective board minutes is crucial for nonprofit boards who are trying to perform a good job. It allows all parties to see how the board is accomplishing its objectives. It can also allow members to be held accountable and allows the organization to be held accountable by the funders.

The format of meeting minutes is an art form and will differ from organization to organization. However, there are a few important aspects should always be mentioned. These include:

A summary of the most important issues that were discussed, and the decisions taken. The secretary of the board should record the outcomes (i.e. the motion was passed or not) and the reasons behind each vote. This will allow the board to keep an account in the case of a legal proceeding.

The minutes must clearly state if the board decides that the formation of a committee is to examine a particular issue or transaction. The minutes should also include the percentage of people present who constitute a group of a quorum. The minutes should also indicate whether the committee is empowered with full authority or will make a recommendation that will require board approval.

The person who records the minutes must be impartial. This is especially important in the case of legal proceedings, as minutes are often sought out and used to decide the actions of an organization. Having an independent third party scrutinize the minutes is important to ensure that they are accurate, impartial and accurate.