How to Uninstall uTorrent on Windows, Mac & Linux?

Allow your router/firewall uTorrent communication.Login to your router, under the “Port Forwarding” section and add the same port that you choose in uTorrent. Notice that uTorrent is asking for kB/s under “Maximum download rate,” not Mbps. There are some bandwidth conversion tools online, likeToolStudioorGbMb, which can help you convert those values. But these settings won’t usually meet higher expectations of serious users.

  • If this is the problem for you, you can use a VPN, also known as a Virtual Private Network, to bypass Internet throttling.
  • If you don’t want seeding to eat up your Internet connection, there is a way to turn it off after you’ve completed your torrent download.
  • Torrent files are popular because they can be downloaded from various locations concurrently hence saving a lot of time.
  • This will increase the number of trackers for your torrent which, in turn, will draw more seeds within a few minutes of adding them.

Similarly, if you are using an Antivirus like Windows Defender, Avast, Norton, etc then whitelisting the app from there is also important as well. If this is the first time you are facing uTorrent freezing issue, then restarting the computer and launching uTorrent again can sometimes solve the issue. So, all you have to do is just restart the computer, and once turned on, try launching uTorrent and see if things work as expected. If you are facing a slow download speed issue with uTorrent then you may try updating the trackers or follow tips to increase download speed. In the case of the PS4, the system restricts download bandwidth when a game is running. Although this behavior is a little erratic and doesn’t seem to apply to all games, it’s especially likely to happen with online or “live service” games.

The Importance of Choosing a Safe Torrent Client

Somewhere down the window, you will find a link, Allow an app through the firewall. When you start your computer, you may sometimes find that the uTorrent app is not responding. The very first step you can take is to restart your system. But even after that, the Torrent either gets stuck or crashes frequently. The primary cause of this issue can be your outdated torrent tracker.

They often use monitoring tools to identify torrenting traffic and block it. A VPN prevents that from happening as it encrypts your data. Keep in mind that some platforms like ExtraTorrent have shut down permanently, so torrenting isn’t possible on those. In that case, you may want to consider the most popular ExtraTorrent alternatives.

How do I maximize my uTorrent speed?

Typically when you search for any torrent file online, it displays that at the particular moment how many people are seeding it. If seeding is vastly lower at the download time, you can start the download after pausing it. You can try to delete your torrent file and repeat the whole process. In many cases, the problem arises due to the torrent client itself. Many of the torrent clients make use of this built-in encryption. It helps to reduce or eliminate the throttling that is the slow speed of downloads.

Solution 13. Switch Internet Plan or Provider

As there is a separate option for all torrents and just those that are downloading, you can use these settings to decide how many files will remain seeding. In our example, we can have 5 torrents downloading at the same time but up to 8 in total. So, even if we were downloading 5 torrents at a time, we could still be seeding a further 3 torrents. BitTorrent only works well when there are many seeders for files. Private trackers, therefore, often require you to keep seeding files long after they’ve finished downloading to your computer. Those who “hit and run”—disconnecting their BitTorrent client shortly after they’ve downloaded the entire file—are likely to be suspended or banned from the site.