The Future of AI in HR

The Future of AI in Human Resources

Artificial intelligence is employed in many industries to automatize processes and provide insight. It can also assist in making taking decisions. It’s not surprising that AI is set to transform HR too. AI will play an important role in HR functions, whether it’s screening resumes or evaluating performance.

It’s vital for HR professionals to keep up to date with current AI trends. However, Todd Raphael, Head of Content at SkyHive advises companies to have an open mind about AI solutions that claim to do it all. Instead, he suggests that companies concentrate on AI tools that provide specific and relevant benefits to the company’s HR operations.

For example, AI can automate onboarding tasks like managing paperwork, orientation schedules, and initial training by creating customized employee onboarding experiences, increasing the chances of retaining employees from day one. Furthermore, AI can monitor employee support emails and calls to determine the root of employee problems, reducing the time to respond and improving overall efficiency.

AI is also changing the learning and development programs (L&D) by identifying the skill gaps in employees, suggesting courses and tracking progress, to ensure that they are on track. Additionally, AI can help HR managers prioritize employee recognition programs as well as personalized feedback surveys, enabling them to assess the level of satisfaction of employees more effectively.